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Mouse Pads
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad 1 - Super Cutie

This super cute pic was taken at my second ever photoshoot, I had the best time getting naked in front of the camera!! xx

$16.99 each.    
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad 2 - Officer Rosee

The cop outfit is so damn sexy, how could you not want this mouse mat sitting underneath your hand!! xx

$16.99 each.    
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad 3 - Rosee the Nudist

This one is a collectors item, the only Rosee fully nude mouse mat. If I were a guy, I'd make out with this one!! xx

$16.99 each.    
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad 4- In bed with Rosee

When you buy this pad you will feel like your always in my room right beside me!! xx

$16.99 each.    
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad 5 - Official Sexyyonee Pad

I personally use this mouse pad every single day on cam, what more can I say!! xx

$16.99 each.    
Rosee Mouse Pads

Mouse Pad Set - The Entire Set

Take advantage of this special discount to get the complete set and have me in every room of your home!! xx

$59.99 per set of five    
Tee Shirts
Shirt 1

Tee Shirt 1 - Shirt with Custom Name

Now you can dress just like me! This super cool shirt comes in any colour you choose, and sizes S / M / L / XL ... and you can have any name you want on the shirt!! (print on the back only)

$54.50 each    
Shirt 2

Tee Shirt 2 - The official Sexyyonee Shirt

This shirt has the sexyyonee logo printed on the front and is avaliable in sizes S / M / L / XL and your choice of black or white!! ( Pictured is Rosee's very own shirt!! )

$44.50 each    

Tee Shirt 3 - Official Sexyyonee Hoodie

Yes I even cater for winter with these new hoodies, although I wish I could be there to keep you warm myself... But until then, this should help!! Sizes S / M / L / XL and any colour you want!!

$84.95 each    
Fucking on Couch

Video 1 - Fucking on Couch

This short video from my archives is a preview of the things to come!!


$9 1 min 7 sec    
Walking Dogs

Video 2 - Walking the Dogs

Buy this video to see what it is like to walk the dogs with me, and who knows... Maybe one day we might end up walking together for real!! xx

$10 7 min 34 sec    
Rosee in Shower

Video 3 - Rosee in Shower

Come join me in the shower as I strip, wash and dance just for you!! xx

$18 16 min 26 sec    

Video 4 - Fisting

I made this video a week after I learnt to fist, I think it was either the second or third time I ever fisted, so it helped that I was super horny! I don't fist much anymore so this video is a must have for your collection!! xx

$22 8 min 18 sec    
Change Room

Video 5 - Change Room Mess

This one day I was so horny that I decided to have some fun in the change room at the local store, and the whole time there was someone in the booth beside me, haha!! xx

$22 3 min 42 sec    
In the Forest

Video 6 - In the Forest

Camping in the bush is fun, but its so much more fun when you are masturbating and you know your being watched... But the best bit was when I started using the huge pink dildo!! xx

$30 8 min 3 sec    
Car Wash

Video 7 - Car Wash

This video shows me washing the car like your normal girl next door and then flicks to me washing the car in my bikini and a white shirt. Every single guy who drove past gave me a wave!!

$18 6 min 33 sec    
Fucking Machine

Video 8 - Fucking Machine

This was the first video I ever made with the fucking machine so I was still learning how to use it, but it still managed to make me cum!!

$22 19 min 2 sec    
Sucking in bush

Video 9 - Sucking in the Bush

If you ever wanted to see how good I am at giving head, this is the video for you.. It is an amateur video too, SEXY!! xx

$28 4 min 9 sec    
Shower 3

Video 10 - Rosee oil show & Rosee shower!!

With this item you get two videos, one is a Rosee oil show and the other is a video of me having an everyday shower, so you get to see me shave my legs and soap up!!!

$30 28 min 41 sec    
Head on Couch

Video 11 - Short Video Packge

Get three of my short videos all in one package. They include sex on the couch, headjob on the couch and a handjob!!!

$14 3 min 41 sec    

Video 12 - Sex in the Car

If you have never picked up at a party and made out with the girl in the backseat of the car on the way home then this video is a must see!!

$35 19 min 40 sec    

Video 13 - A Good Time in Rosee's Room

This is a Rosee sex video with sucking fucking and a surprise ending that cannot be missed!!

$30 11 min 19 sec    
Tent Sex

Video 14 - Tent Sex

This is for all the nature lovers. Watch as I fuck and suck out in the forest.... It was such a turn on being outdoors!!

$40 23 min 1 sec    
Video 15 -
Video 16 -
Video 17 -
Video 18 -
Skype Shows

Skype Private - 15 Mins

I will e-mail you to work out a time!! (So attach you e-mail)


Skype Private - 30 Mins

I will e-mail you to work out a time!! (So attach you e-mail)


Skype Private - 45 Mins

I will e-mail you to work out a time!! (So attach you e-mail)


Skype Private - 1 Hour

I will e-mail you to work out a time!! (So attach you e-mail)


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Rosee's Wishlist

Wishlist 1 - The complete First Season

Anyone who has seen me on cam know that I love Glee. OMG I hope someone buys me this so much!! xx


Wishlist 2 - Playboy Bikini

I have always wanted an awesome white Playboy Bikini!! xx


Wishlist 3- NCIS Box Set

I love NCIS, one of my favourite shows ever!! xx

Strippers Pole

Wishlist 4 - Sexy Strippers Pole

This is a professional sexy strippers pole so I can give you better shows and know that I am safe as it is top quality!! xx


Wishlist 5 - Cool Camera

I want this camera so I can get some really awesome and sexy photos for my website and to send out to you!! xx

Suction Dildo

Wishlist 6 - Dildo

Finally a more realisticly sized dildo... I hate getting them and finding out they are 18" long haha... ( This one is 7.5" )


Wishlist 7 - Speculum

If you ever wanted to see deep inside me this is the only way to do it, and it would work great for the girl on girl shows coming up, sexy!!!!


Wishlist 8 - More Heels

OMG these shoes are so sexy, and they have little rosee's inside them hehe!!!

Shoes 2

Wishlist 9 - Stripper Heels

These are hot, they kinda make me wana be a stripper so I can wear them !!


Wishlist 10 - New Game

I dont play games much but I have to beat my friends to buy this game because they challenged me haha!! =)